Green-Personalized Puffer Jacket with Chenille Patches

Let your kids feel great in this unique and personalized lightweight puffer jacket. They will be the most stylish kid in school and major plus is it will be hard to lose;)) This lightweight puffer jack is high-quality, and oh so stylish with the most adorable chenille patches attached!! Choose from options available and make it your very own! Mermaid, unicorn lovers, we have patches for you! True to size. If you are considering layering then best to size up! Would make the best holiday or birthday gift!!

Water-resistant, durable fabric with filling for warmth
Elastic waistband with drawstring

Fabric 100% Nylon; Lining: 100% Polyester; Fill: 100% Polyester

All patches are hand placed so no two jacket are the same. Handmade items may vary but we take pride in our products and make them look as good as they can! We pay close attention to detail with hopes our customers are extremely pleased. Not only do we iron on patches (which can lift alone) We tediously glue down each design so patches will last.
We use our best judgement on where letters are placed for best balance, A mock up will be sent to you before anything is permanent to get your approval.

Up to 12 patches are available for this price.  Each letter in a Name is considered one patch plus bottom patches,  If Patches go ove an additional 4 dollars will be added. 

Fabric Shell: 100% Nylon; Lining: 100% Polyester; Fill: 100% Polyester

1. Select your name and letter patch color- At this time light pink, or bright pink. 
2. Specify gender/kids age (if layering, size up!)
3. Pick some of your kiddos favorite things for patch selection- Patch images are shown but sometimes vary. Reach out if you have other patches in mind. COLORS WILL VARY DEPENDING ON AVAILABILITY BUT ALL STYLISH GIRLY COLORS) Requests can be made and we will do our best to accommodate them,
4. Preview (please provide phone number)

Glue can come out of sides of patches. We wipe down and clean as good as we can but all hand made and impossible to avoid, With that said we try and keep as clean and tidy so no one would ever see unless staring very very close! Glue is clear. 
Last but not least. I order jackets after you order from me, If for some reason size or color is unavailable I would offer you another color or a full refund if we can not find an alternative.

Please message me if you have any questions!! I am always happy to help.

Size Guide

X-Small 5Y 42 - 45 35 - 43lb 22 - 23 22 - 22.5

Small 6 - 7Y 45 - 51 44 - 60lb 24 - 26 23 - 23.5

Medium 8Y 51 - 54 61 - 70lb 27 24.2

Large 9Y 54 - 57 71 - 84lb 28.5 25

X-Large 10Y 57 - 60 85 - 95lb 30 26


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