80 Tote Bags for "Adams 12 Five Star Schools" (Tax Exempt)

1 tote kit costs $22.00. For bulk orders, I offer a 10% discount.

Quantity: 80


Discount:  176


Please indicate the required delivery date.

Preference for tote color: White or natural. I will have to make sure this amount is available, 

Do you have a preferred color for the sticker stencil on the bags? I can make all the same or do a variety of colors 

Design options: You can view many designs on my website, or I can create a custom design if you have something specific in mind.

Paint colors: Typically, I use muted rainbow colors for girls (pink, salmon, yellow, mint, turquoise, lavender) and rainbow colors for boys. I also can incorporate some black. 

or there is an option to do a variety of all colors and people can share. ( This might be best for camp) There will be plenty of paint to go around.  

 Leave designs in notes

Example order: 10 Unicorn, 10 Koala, 10 rainbow, 10 Pig with Glasses

Let me know if you have any questions


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